Valerie Thornhill is known internationally as an art historian but has now fulfilled a long-held ambition to move into the world of fiction.

Her first work of fiction was The Children of Kumbhalgarh, a diverse collection of non-autobiographical short stories inspired by her extensive travels and friends around the world.

This success was followed by The Tycoon’s Tale, a modern version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, telling with humour and insight a compelling story of a multi-millionaire who is forced to question his role as an international financier and his neglect of family life.

Cynthia Loves Her Fiat 500 is a brief story which brings the heady atmosphere of 1960s Rome vividly to life through the eyes of two young English girls.

In Restoration, a compelling drama of love, loss and reconciliation, won the People’s Book Prize for fiction. Valerie’s latest work 1955 The Summer When… is available from Amazon

And Valerie’s latest book, Mastering The Sun. is now out…

The People's Book Prize Winner Valerie is the winner of the

People’s Book Prize for Fiction

for her novel

In Restoration

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1955 The Summer When...
In Restoration
The Children of Kumbhalgarh
The Tycoon's Tale
Cynthia Loves Her Fiat 500